Throughout time, every culture has made its own heroes, villains and icons about whom we create artwork and stories as a way of understanding the universe and our place within it. We believe that in modern geek culture many popular characters and institutions serve this function, and juxtaposing those images with a historic artistic medium like stained glass is a way for us to show how important a role they play in individual identity in modern society.


Tammy and Ian Leino have been working collaboratively in the arts since 2001 and exhibiting at sci-fi conventions since 2012. Reviving and modernizing the art of traditional Tiffany-style stained glass is a new passion that they are excited to share. All work is created in their workshop in Asheville NC under the direct supervision of their french bulldog Magic.




October 3-6: New York Comic Con


February 28 - Mar 1: Pensacon

July 30 - Aug 2: GalaxyCon Raleigh

July 30 - Aug 2: Gen Con

Sept 3 - 7: DragonCon

October 1-4: New York Comic Con


To discuss custom stained glass, or with any other questions, please email us at

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