Stained Glass Process

Multi-Fandom panels - Pt 1

Multi-Fandom panels - Pt 1
We're working on a new stained glass project in a style that's completely new for us, which is always exciting! These will be for a client's custom built cabinets which have tall, thin glass panels (6" x 48" each). The family has a wide range of favorite fandoms and wanted a way to include references that would be subtle yet still easily perceived. Finding that balance while keeping everything in a harmonious composition was quite a challenge.
We decided to use a style of interlacing lines - based on some concepts from the Art Deco movement - to give a feeling of cohesion in the pieces, and a split cascade of colors to help the foreground elements be easily identifiable.
Check out each photo for a brief description of the process. Can you recognize all 7 of the fandoms?

Initial Design

This is our initial layout, showing only the linework. This will be completed using 3/16" lead came with a 1/2" border, so we've set the lines to be the same widths as the final piece.
Here we have our initial suggestions for color which we use as a reference when selecting glasses to use for the piece. Based on availability and color matching, these colors may shift some during the selection process to achieve the most pleasing combinations.

Glass selection and cutting

Glass is being cut and each panel is slowly being assembled. To ensure that we keep a balance of colors through the various panels, we're working on them simultaneously, placing one color at a time across all 4 panels.
As you can see from the original design above, there are 4 vertical panels (each one is 6"x48"). Here we have them all pushed together onto our lightbox to show the glass colors, but eventually each of these will be individually inset into adjacent cabinets.
With all of the glass cut, it's now time to start on assembling these hundreds of pieces into four stained glass panels.
To see the assembly process (with fancy videos!) be sure to check out part 2.