St. Draconis - Enamel Pin



Oh, mighty St. Draconis, patron of dice rolls,
Grant us your favor as chance unfolds.
Guide the roll and make it fair,
Let luck be kind and free from despair.

With your blessing, may the numbers align,
In games and gambles, make us shine.
In uncertainty, we seek your grace,
St. Draconis, hear our humble embrace.

Through wins and losses, we'll remain,
With gratitude, we'll praise your name.
Guardian of luck, we entreat thee,
St. Draconis, hear our plea.


We've been given a new delivery date of Aug 26th for these pins, and pre-orders will begin shipping on Monday, Aug 28th.

Each pin comes on a backer card and individually bagged.

Dimensions: 1.5" tall x 1.25" wide


**image is a product mockup and final product may differ slightly**