St. Draconis - Stained Glass window cling



The inaugural design in a new line of "Guardians of Gaming", St. Draconis is certain to hear all who call out for assistance with their dice rolls.


Oh, mighty St. Draconis, patron of dice rolls,
Grant us your favor as chance unfolds.
Guide the roll and make it fair,
Let luck be kind and free from despair.

With your blessing, may the numbers align,
In games and gambles, make us shine.
As the dice tumble, let your breath be near,
In every cast, make your guidance clear.

Through wins and losses, we'll remain,
With gratitude, we'll praise your name.
Guardian of luck, we entreat thee,
St. Draconis, hear our plea.

Standard A4 size. Approximately 8.25 x 11.75 inches.

Each of these stained glass style prints is designed using high-resolution imagery of original stained art-glass. Once the core design is created, we select and place each piece in the same manner that we do when creating original stained glass artwork, then use custom digital brushes to create a gentle patina for a classic look. They are then printed on a professional grade cling vinyl using a proprietary process that sandwiches an opaque white ink in the solder lines between two layers of vibrant color. (See details in the third image above.)

This innovative product allows anyone to add a touch of stained glass sophistication to their home or office without the expense and permanence of traditional stained glass installations. And as the film is adhesive-free, it can be effortlessly repositioned, relocated, removed, or replaced at any time.