St. Monoceros - Enamel Pin



Oh Saint Monoceros, whose touch brings relief,
In darkest of dungeons, our solace, our belief.
Extend your healing to our party's plight,
Restore our strength, restore our might.

With potions brewed and spells cast true,
Heal our wounds, our spirits renew.
Guide our party through trials untold,
Saint Monoceros, healer of heroes bold.

Grant us health, as we face each test,
In daring quests, where fate is our guest.
We seek your aid, our hearts entwine,
Saint Monoceros, your healing divine.


Each pin features special translucent enamel for the glowing staff, and comes individually bagged.

Dimensions: 1.5" tall x 1.3" wide


**image is a product mockup and final product may differ slightly**