About this project

After working with the teams at Middle-Earth Enterprises for the better part of a year, I’m incredibly excited to finally announce this special project. Created with proprietary techniques and production methods, these all-original designs bring to life the fantastic scenes and stories as only stained glass can.

The initial launch includes designs that depict the Shire, signage for the Green Dragon, Bilbo’s sword Sting, and so much more. The collection has something for every fan and will include production glass pieces as well as applied window art.

To say this has been a labor of love is quite an understatement.

Why Kickstarter?

Because it captures a story's soul like nothing else, stained glass has always been in demand. But the time required limited me to just a handful of commissions a year. Additionally, the high cost remains a barrier for many fans.

To overcome these obstacles, I've been working on proprietary design and production processes that yield collector quality art at affordable prices.

The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to help me make this project a reality. With your support, I can extend my capabilities and bring original stained glass designs to more fans.

One cling to rule them all

In addition to affordably priced, high quality production glass, this launch will include applied window art - flexible sheets that are similar to static stickers. These pieces have earned the approval of Middle-Earth Enterprises and offer a level of quality you might not expect at such a low price.

While conceptually similar to conventional static stickers, our thick vinyl sheets feature raised textures and rich colors. Making them even more striking is our proprietary digital development process. Each unique color is actually a high-resolution image of actual glass - and one of hundreds we've built into a vast texture library. We then add additional details, shading, and even simulated patina that stained glass develops over time.

The result is a new breed of window cling so vibrant that it's often mistaken for actual stained glass. 

How to buy

Our Kickstarter campaign will officially launch in mid-August, 2024. You can support my project by selecting from a range of pledge levels. Just CLICK HERE or on any of the preview photos on this page.